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Ten Square Games
A un Senior Character Artist le preguntaron...21 de noviembre de 2021

Are you comfortable in receiving feedback?

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Of course. Is part of the job. ( very stock, silly question to ask for a Senior Position ) Menos

IUGO Mobile Entertainment

Q: How is your immigration situation in BC?

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As a recently graduated student I was still under a student permit and could start working unless given an LMIA. Menos

Daybreak Game Company

Was asked to name the alter egos of 3 of the Flash family members.

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Barry Allen, Wally West, Bart Allen

Electronic Arts

Why you would like to work at EA?

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Im searching to develope my career and i think EA could help me archive my goals


Go through the best pieces or the pieces you’re most proud of in your portfolio and tell us how you went about creating them.

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Showed portfolio art. Not everything but selection of the pieces that had most interest and variety. Chosen by me and not the interviewer. Menos

They will give you a personal information form.

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Just fill it out.

Animax Designs

Would you be willing to do an art test?

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Playground Games

What do you think the next evolution in game development (specifically Character Art) is?

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I answered : The advancement of hair grooming and dynamics. I felt it has a bit of a way way to go in becoming more representative of pre-rendered simulations as seen in other mediums, but once real-time solutions catch up in terms of visuals and performance it will add that extra layer to AAA/A games. Menos


If you have to choose again, would you choose a different position, what job would you most likely to take?

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No, Technical Artist defines who I am.

Electronic Arts

general portfolio review, basic where do you see yourself, strengths & weakness, future interest etc

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went over background and showcased passed work, talked about project and interest in departments- how to aid success in department Menos

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