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Young Company
A un Character Animator le preguntaron...11 de abril de 2018

what are my areas of expertise?

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CG character animation

Assuaged Foundation

What made you interested in Assuaged?

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We actually have many shared interests, as my family has food sensitivities and allergies, trauma and health issues that warrant a more specialized diet and natural medicine. Menos

WayForward Technologies

standard stuff

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How much work? what salary you want? how fast i can work?

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i unswer very cool. also explain how i work before.

OLM (Japan)

Standard usual stuff. Nothing stuck out as unusual. They asked if I could help in other departments besides animation.

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Have you animated using HumanIk in maya before?

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No, but I'm happy to learn.

Illumination Mac Guff


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Are you comfortable working from home?

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Booz Allen Hamilton

Why should we hire you?

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I believe I could contribute at a high level and bring my knowledge and expertise to better your projects for your client Menos

Lightbox Entertainment

What can you start?

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