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A un Category Manager le preguntaron...29 de noviembre de 2023

If on your first day you have 8 hours of job, but then someone comes to you to help them with another 8 hour job, then someone else does the same then the CEO asks the same which one do you prioritize? (seems like a realistic question doesn't it) If you had a conflict with someone in the office how would you handle it. Hypothetical, nonsense questions.

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Answered in the same hypothetical way that the question was posed.

What is your motivation for working with the company?


They asked basic interview questions.

Government of Manitoba

One of the questions was "what are the project management tools you have used in the past? Which one do you prefer? and why?

Pet Circle

What is your approach to solving a problem?

Clark Associates

Tell me about a time you had a conflict with another employee. How did you handle it?


Why have you left a position.


What is strategy for IT procurement category. How would your teammates call you etc. Very generic and no deep dive into things that are important for the position.

Love, Bonito

What is your Career History?

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I answered honestly about my career


What is your execution strategy for our *specific issue*?

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They want you to solve their issues in the interview.

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