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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
A un Call Center Agent le preguntaron...14 de julio de 2015

how can you handle an angry customer

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By being patient and let him explains his problem and try to solve it as soon as I make sure and it will not be repeated in the future Menos

I think both are right, and a combination of them would be the best way to handle an angry customer. Note i did not understand the question requirements at first until i made the wrong choice for both of them. Menos

Both of opposition is correct

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Tell about your self why the company should hire you Tell what you are after 5 years

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you should hire me... first because, i'm interested to work... i will give my best to work it well.......................i saw my self five year from now... that i earned a lot of moneys..i have a new house and lot,,, and managing my own business.... Menos

This company must hire me because there are a lot of things that must be proven about the job, and for that, i can be a productive and a very competitive employee and i welcome the opportunity to develop my skills and ability. Menos

you should hire me... bcuz iwant have more knowledges and improve my ability.. Menos


how will you describe a blue color to a blind?

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A blind person has other senses that can be used. I will describe color blue to a blind person by using their sense of hearing like letting them listen to the sound of a sea and its waves. Or by using their sense of touch, by letting them hold something cold. Menos

I told him blue was the color of the sky on a clear day and green was the color of most leaves and grasses. Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Menos

i love this website so so much it gave me lots of ideals from jemma prescott

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If your supervisor asked you to do something dishonest what would you do?

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if it is for the good of the company,i will obey my supervisor.

If it's in her his on good.. then I don't obey If it's for the company.. then I do it! Menos

You would tell the Supervisor that you do not feel comfortable in doing anything dishonest. They you go to upper management Menos

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I guess nothing is difficult hen you are equipped with answers provided by the company.

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well cause i got heart to be a great part of the company.

I am interested in a job, with more responsibility, and i am ready for a new challenge. Menos

Over all, it was such an experience. I loved the whole 6 months of it.

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What nationality are you?

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filipino nationality

filipino citizen

filipino citizen


Are you married?!

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I don't know what that question got to do with anything my answer was no, but so is the guy interviewing, don't see ring in his hand. Menos

yes im


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US Embassy

English grammer test for everyone who were giving online test

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Could you please tell me about the test English test include (grammar/ reading / speaking ) or translate from English to another language ? Menos

Fill in the blanks with correct grammer pronounciation


What is your favorite food?

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Honestly, I did not know what to answer

Hot Dogs


my strength and weakness

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my strength is im a good learner and a strong ability to learn..

I'm a versatile skill-set person and a willingness to go on extra mile to provide the best customer service . As for my weakness, even though I don't have the experience being a call center agent I think my skills would be suitable for the job. Menos

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