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A un Planner Buyer le preguntaron...26 de enero de 2023

Your boss asks you to make up numbers to deliver a report since it’s the due date. How would you act ?

Ferguson Enterprises

What are three of your strengths?

Boston Scientific

introduce yourself what do you know about Boston Scientific tell me about your background why you would like to relocation

Mediahub Worldwide

what was one of your favorite campaigns you worked on?

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spoke about a past digital campaign we did with a co branded article


Why didn't we call in for the scheduled interview?

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Because you were unprofessional to be as nice as possible.


How do I adapt to a constantly changing business?

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I enjoy being in a fast paced changing environment as it keeps things interesting Menos


Case-based Supplier issue questions and situations.

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By giving an example from previous experience

Blackrock Neurotech

Tell us a time you were unable to hit a purchasing deadline.

Ford Motor Company

what is Minimum order Quantity ?


Shortage mgmt Material planning Global market Savings target

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