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A un Business Operations Manager le preguntaron...27 de marzo de 2019

How did you learn this job?

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By working with startups which gives more understanding and a platform to perform result-oriented Menos

What is your expectation from the company?


Reversal - I asked the interviewer what they thought of Comcast and why they liked working there.

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This question took 2 of the interviewers off guard, but they seemed pleased by my direct questioning and willingness to hear their personal perspectives. It seemed like they did not get asked this question often. Menos

Greenlight Consultants

What made you apply for this job?

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Looking for better opportunity


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What challenges do you see in this performing role and how will you overcome

Can I handle the vibrant logistics, taxation, documentation and communication challedges?

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A confident YES

Chefs for Hire

How I would structure the processes and assist in the management of candidates and social media and the website

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I advised of a CRM and brand awareness and the need to contact the candidates as soon as they had applied and create a candidate portfolio to present to future clients. Menos

About my purpose in my life.

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To contribute to enabling and empowering people

V Group

They asked about previous experience

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I answered everything neatly and correctly


Why would you be interested in this position.

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Always interested in a world class organization.

Northwestern Mutual

Where did you grow up?

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I answered in my hometown. There was no further questions about territory or knowledge of the area. Menos

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