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A un Business Operations Analyst le preguntaron...2 de febrero de 2011

25 horses, 5 race tracks. How many races you have to run to select top 5 horses.

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You guys are not doing CS! 10 runs is my answer. 1. randomize 5 groups, each of 5 horses 2. rank them within each group, I will use Anuradha's notation (5 races) 3. pick the best of each group, race to figure the 1st place, call it A1 (1 race) It should be clear, it wins all times, every one lost once. 4. remove it. substitute 2nd best in. repeat 3 (in my eg. A2,B1,C1,D1,E1) now you have second place. keep going, you get the first 5 and ranking! So, 5+5=10 races in total. Menos

The answer is 9. Assuming: - There's no time measuring (stopwatch), just relative places. - The horses perform consistently. - A maximum of 5 horses per race. First we need 5 races (A to E) to get relative scores for all 25 horses. Let's take a worst scenario: the list was already ordered (A1 fastest and E5 slowest), so race A contained the top 5. The 6th race would be the winners of the 5 races (A1, B1, C1, D1, E1), and would give A1 as the fastest of all. This would also mean that some horses can be excluded (only 4 more places to fill): B5 C4, C5 D3, D4, D5 E2, E3, E4, E5 For the 7th race, A2 would replace A1, and A2 would be appointed as the runner-up (of all). We also can exclude some more (only 3 more places to fill): B4 C3 D2 E1 For the 8th race, A3 would replace A2, but as E1 has been excluded, we got a vacancy. Let's add C2 for worst case scenario. The winner would be A3, and we can exclude more horses (only 2 more places to fill): B3 C2 D1 At this point there're only 5 horses who have not yet been classified or excluded, so the winner and runner-up of the 9th race would give 4th and 5th overall. Menos

Anuradha's solution still has problems. (Even if we go with Anuradha's assumptions that you can only race one horse per track, and also assuming that we don't have a stopwatch and must compare horses placing positions) What if the fastest five horses are A1, B1, C1, D1, and E1 ? In Anuradha's second step, he elminates two of the fastest horses (D1 and E1) . He's assuming that A2, B2, or some of the other horses from the other heats are faster, but he hasn't actually tested to see if that is true. Menos

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Palantir Technologies

How would you find a particular file within a directory using Linux?

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use grep

Use find or locate. i.e find / -name "dirname"

Agree on that manager impression. Intense, poor social skills, didn't even bother to find out what position I was applying for until halfway through the interview process. Same lack of detail that they were trying to avoid in their candidate. Menos


How to measure the hight of the building using Barometer

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use speed of sound calculaiton, physics formaula force distance mass, etc

Barometer measures presssure. At low altitude above sea level pressure drops by 1.2 kPa for every 100 meters. Measure pressure at base of build. Then at top of building. Based on the difference in pressure figure the height of buiding Menos

Drop the barometer from the top of the building and note the time it takes to fall on the ground. Now acceleration = g = 9.8 u= 0 s = 1/2 g(t*t) Assuming, if the time it takes is 5 seconds s= 1/2*9.8*25 = 122.5 mtrs. Menos


Most of the questions were case study question based around Project Management. Their plan is to evaluate your overall thinking approach and problem solving skills. No technical questions at all.

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So did you get an offer ? How long did they take to get back to you? Did you ended up declinging the offer? Thanks in advance. Menos

I answered all of the case study questions as best as I could and even got a "that's good" response from the interviewers on several occasions. Menos


Requested detail explanation on my prior job experiences.

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I provided the experiences that directly related to the skillsets needed for the position being offered, Menos


What do I know about the company? What was the one thing I felt challenging in my work life?

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I spoke about the performance of the company at present and the target of the company in the coming years as per what was mentioned in their financial report. Menos


Political views Personal spouse related questions

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Declined to answer

Flatiron Health

How many patients does the clinic have for each cancer diagnosis?

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How long after being diagnosed does it take for a patient to start treatment? Do any patients start treatment before being diagnosed? Menos


Why are you looking to move on from where you currently are?

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Tell them the truth, they will figure it out eventually. Culture, opportunity, career change, industry change are all valid. Tell them what you don't like about the last company. If you did your homework you should know if these issues would come up at the new company. Menos


I got asked what salary I wanted and my deflection was not accepted. This was odd to me for a first interview. I choked and asked for way too little because the last interview had gone poorly. This made me look even more unqualified.

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You could say "I'm confident that when the time comes, we can work out a fair compensation for me. However, for now I would like to focus on my fit for the company and this role." Menos

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