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Palantir Technologies
A un Business Development Operations IT Analyst le preguntaron...24 de julio de 2010

How would you find a particular file within a directory using Linux?

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use grep

Use find or locate. i.e find / -name "dirname"

Agree on that manager impression. Intense, poor social skills, didn't even bother to find out what position I was applying for until halfway through the interview process. Same lack of detail that they were trying to avoid in their candidate. Menos

UMAI Restaurant Software

What do you usually do on a free day?

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Mostly free day I learn about hospitality and improve my skills.

They want people that fit the team culture, this means be ready to party hard in the weekend or travel somewhere in south east asia with an old and dirty bus Menos

Hub Group

Describe a time when you had a conflict with a fellow co-worker.

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When running the day shift I instructed the driver to prep wings in between delivers and a list of task that needed done. Driver refused and said he wasn't paid enough to prep wings but tried to barter as to what he would like to do instead. I told him it's not pick and choose. It's what is needed as a priority. He has a choice to do what is required or punch out and go home. Menos


sell byju to 8th class topper?

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I would convince him by telling that you are the topper of school but not from your region . To enhance your skill you need to be more focus on self learning which byjus provide to each and every candidate and the best part is that you can use our app any time where ever internet reaches you . Menos

S.. my a..

Energy Development

What did you do as (position) in (project/organization)?

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It is really important that you didn't just pad your resume and embellished your descriptions. They will be very particular about what you did. Don't ask questions just to sound smart. Be simple and be yourself. Your genuine interest in the company will show. Menos

Plains Midstream

What are your long-term goals? Tell us about your achievements and why you went after them? What is your approach to team work?

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Grow with this entrepreneurial company. I work harder than anyone else I've ever met. Very ambitious and want to be surrounded with like-minded people. Menos


How do you manage constantly shifting priorities?

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Maintain focus, Communicate Clearly and Follow up as things change making sure that everyone that needs to know knows., use project management tools to manage times ,dates, and what changes are made, and Track your progress Don't forget to communicate every step CLEARLY Menos

Jane Street

What are the largest and smallest numbers you can make such that the product of the digits is 96?

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11.....11862 and 268 as for max and min

Performance Hospitality

Tell me about yourself

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Spoke about my previous professional experience and activities on campus


Tell me about yourself.

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They are looking for a unique style, someone that can multi-task and resolve random questions - if it isn't your culture to handle - it was probably best they didn't select you because your reviews would be worse, you would say why am I at the position. Menos

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