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A un Business Analytics Manager le preguntaron...27 de agosto de 2017

How would I prioritize projects?

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The questions were very behavioral in nature, even in the final rounds of interviews. Menos


Auto correlations and partial auto correlations

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Auto parts retailer

the LEGO Group

If I was applying for the position to get back to the LEGO Group?

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I did not, but I knew this particular department to be a great place and also the job sounded interesting. But not for The LEGO Group as a whole as I unfortunately had some really bad experiences in the last department I worked in before I left the LEGO Group (and now I've come back to my first department). Menos


How would you validate the data integrity for ad hoc requests?

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Have one benchmark number from the historical data and then compare the ad hoc result with this number to see if there is a huge variance. If there is a variance then check the process, if process ok then check the data source. Menos


How would I validate the data for integrity of results?

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Create quick pivot and then connect to the totals for different reports, using simple logical function in Excel. Menos


How would I resolve the issue with the data integrity when receiving the files with the data from the clients?

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Implement refreshable QA report as I did in one of the former companies (counting different type of codes) and creating the charts. In the case that the data are not clean it will immediately show on the chart. Menos

Philip Morris International

Salary expected Previous experiences

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I am interrested by the job. Waiting for next steps


What do you think are some of the biggest risks facing Paypal?

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Competitors like square, inuit, chase. Technology risk is low but can have drastic impact. Security risk is medium risk can have drastic impact though Menos


What was one of you biggest professional challenges?

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Provided details about previous projects.

Titanium Healthcare

"Why am I not going to like you"

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In short, I can be a stickler for technicalities and a contrarian.

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