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Macquarie Group
A un Business Analyst Intern le preguntaron...3 de diciembre de 2022

tell me about a time you had a disagreement with a colleague


After a technical hirevue demonstrating excel and SQL knowledge, I was invited to two back-to-back interviews with people at business positions. I believe each one asked around 3-5 typical behavioural questions that you can find online. That was the final round, and I didn't get it.

IPG Group

Describe yourself. Describe a time you have hardness and how you solve it

Tell me about yourself strengths and weaknesses software development life cycle

Oxane Partners

Plan a high level library database management system (No technical aspects required)


What could be the price of a corporate canteen lunch in Milan? (1h) Why Kearney (15min) Describe how is your way to deal with the team when you have different views (15min)


The first one was a phone call, and they explained the role and why I am interested, the second was behavioral questions like tell me about a time when you had a goal and what you did to achieve it, and the third was situational/scenario questions specifically about how I would deal with upset customers or how I would handle a member of my team who was underperforming.


What's your biggest regret in life


Do you have any presentation experience? Why do you want to join SAP?

Delta Partners

Tell me about your ambitions

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