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New York Public Library
A un Building Manager le preguntaron...28 de febrero de 2018

They asked generic interview questions, and increasingly more technical with each round of interviews

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I was direct and to the point

Make no mistake - This is a great company with great people. Everyone I met and interacted with was a delight. I am beyond disappointed with not coming aboard Menos

Blink Design Group (Singapore)

If I could assist with the presentation in Mandarin to Clients?

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I briefly presented the project I was working on in Chinese.

The Chiller

Why you want to work for The Chiller

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I love hockey.

CSU Long Beach

Name a scenario where you were put in a difficult situation with a customer and how did you handle it.

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I mentioned my experiences on dealing with emergency situations

University of North Texas

What examples have you demonstrated leadership?

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From my previous experiences where I demonstrated leadership.

Clark University

Why do you think you are a good fit?

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List out skills needed for job

Network Homes

I was given several scenario based questions about buildings safety issues and asked to explain possible solutions, courses of action I would take to resolve these regarding the role I was interviewing for.

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I answered the question to the very best of my ability based on my knowledge and experience clarifying any points in the question or outlining any assumptions I made in my answer. Menos


What is your future goal?

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Through applying mind

UNC Wilmington

Tell us about other experience you have

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I was a customer care intern at Half United

The Chiller

How would you handle a difficult employee. As in what steps would you put forth towards disciplining them?

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I would talk to the employee face to face and ask them what happened and how I was going to fix the situation. As in a write up and explaining the consquences. Menos

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