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Mercy Corps
A un Director, Brand Marketing and Content Strategy le preguntaron...13 de diciembre de 2022

I was asked to share about my previous experience and salary expectations.


Interest in fin-tech, other hobbies or passions, preferred ways of working and thoughts on team building.

Tell me more about your organization and what their needs are.


How have you built and directed teams in the past?


How would you structure brand strategy to make it as world class as the rest of Known?


How to manage challenging situations


How can you bring value to this role at Cielo and what would you be looking for at Cielo to make it a career you always wanted?

Liqvd Asia

Whats the campaign that you are proud of working on?

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Listed down the campaign that i worked on, along with the process through which the campaign was arrived at and executed Menos

Pace Center For Girls

In my second interview I was asked considerably more soft skill questions, including my leadership experience and management style.

Pace Center For Girls

I was asked many questions about my experiences and skill sets in my initial interview. I was additionally asked about my salary requirements.

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