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A un Director, Brand Strategy le preguntaron...3 de agosto de 2012

I was given a brief, and 15 minutes to explain how i would approach the problem

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I used my method for solving the problem as the basis for my conversation, rather than the specific answer Menos

Liqvd Asia

Whats the campaign that you are proud of working on?

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Listed down the campaign that i worked on, along with the process through which the campaign was arrived at and executed Menos

Horizon Media

Why do you want to come back to the agency world having spent time in sales?

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I love strategizing and a collaborative team environment. While I used those skills in my former sales roles, I realized my strengths would be best applied and utilized in an agency setting. Menos

Sprout Social

Why Sprout?

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I referred to the authenticity of the culture and values I gleaned from each previous interview and online research. Menos

Tell me more about your organization and what their needs are.

The Grommet

What are your areas of weakness?


It was pretty straightforward for a strategist. What is your approach? What is your greatest achievement? How would you do a program better?

Pace Center For Girls

I was asked many questions about my experiences and skill sets in my initial interview. I was additionally asked about my salary requirements.


Interest in fin-tech, other hobbies or passions, preferred ways of working and thoughts on team building.

Deka Lash

Do you have any experience working for a franchise organization?

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