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Grey Group
A un Brand Strategist le preguntaron...30 de noviembre de 2022

Tell me about your previous experience and why you'd be a good fit for this role

Creator Deck

Name 3 people who have been successful and why. What's your understanding of the role?

Kaiser Permanente

If we were sponsoring a disaster relief benefit in a part of the country that was impacted by a natural disaster through our community benefit arm, how and where would you use the thrive logo and tagline?

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I would not use the thrive logo or tagline. I think thrive sounds like a proactive and positive uplifting message and the mission of supporting a community in repair is not uplifting, it's more serious and caring, it would not be the right emotional tone. Menos

Norris Design

Questions were asked around Curiosities, Passions. I was also asked situational , how would your respond or handle this type of questions.

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I was able to speak very authentically

Lifestyle Hues Brand Consulting

They asked: What is your superpower?


What brand would you support from our team and why?

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I said, "I may need time to think first." Then I answered it again, "Okay, the brand that I would choose is ShopatVelvet, because it is a modern yet timeless fashion brand that already have their big and loyal market, so that we can support them in terms of both inventory or budget" Menos

Visual Creatives

What does Branding mean to you? Have you ever led a team before?


Could you please tell me about yourself?

Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Why do you want to do branding?


what can a sales person ask their client? she asked nothing, in fact she was selling their services(told me about their company) just what a normal sales person does!

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