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Effectus Enterprises
A un Event Planner & Brand Ambassador le preguntaron...28 de agosto de 2015

What are your best work qualities?

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Not a bad question really... I started my answer "I have yrs of experience in marketing, my strengths are project management and digital marketing..." and as I was starting to give some examples, I was cut off and we moved on. Menos

Brand Fever

No questions. Just told me I don't fit in, and I'm not qualified.

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I thanked her for her time and left.

Young & Rubicam

"Why did you want to be a planner?"

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I think I said something along the lines of, well, I realized pretty early on my dreams of being an Astronaut probably wouldn't come true, so a planner seemed like the next best thing. Space, advertising, same thing right? Menos


If you want to be a planner, why do you not have previous experience in this particular field?

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Be honest.


If you could describe what your weak at, what would it be?

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Name a weakness that really isn't a weakness, like "I work to hard", "I don't leave my work at the office, I take it home with me too often" Menos

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

As NY is a small office, the team was mostly interested in assessing if there was a chemistry fit.


Every question was relative to the position, nothing too complicated. They really just wanted to see what my experience was and what I could bring to TRG.


Why The Richards Group?


Walk me through your resume?

Grey Group

Complete salary history (I find this disturbing from any company, as the salary should be determined based on the rigor and importance of role and what an employee would accept, not calculated based on entire work history).

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