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A un Branch Manager le preguntaron...22 de junio de 2015

Do you know to speak Marathi ?

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I'm speak to English, Hindi and marathi


Sorry sir I am speak to nepali Hindi and English that's all

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Where there a time in your current position where you made the wrong decision? How did you deal with it or fix the issue?

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Ask a supervisor, try to fix the problem, check with the crew leader.

Ask a supervisor for help, try to fix the problem and check all the system with the crew leader. Menos

Tray to fix the problem i ask the check crewleader

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National Bank of Greece

Are you ready to make the target of the branch.

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lets do it

Yes , of course.


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Are you flexible to work any day of the week

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Yes I’m flexible to work anytime


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Intelligent Office

Are you married or have kids?

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Im currently single and I have a dog.

HUGE NO-NO in the hiring world. Potential employers CANNOT ask about marital status and kids. YOu can sue them if they do! Menos

That's a huge lawsuit waiting to happen. It is completely illegal to ask such questions. Someone failed HR 101. Menos

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I was given a riddle to answer

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I answered the riddle the best I could. They just want to see you try, any answer is better than no answer Menos

Yes, I know

Yes, I know its Riddle

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Advantage Resourcing

Why do you want to leave your current job?

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Received e-mail about position and it aligns with my experience and background.

Change state

Change state

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IQ related

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Very easy.

Very easy.

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Are you willing to relocate to rural branches

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Yes meeting in branch manager

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Crown Worldwide Group


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I have 11th experience as rm, Bm, GM in bank, sekuritas and insurance company. Achievement certificate. Menos

longue experience

lead and be in charge of the branch

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