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Given a set of XY pairs I want to create a data structure such that searching, insertion and deletion is extremely fast using the X value. But I also want to be able to find the maximum Y value at any given time. What data structure would you use for this problem? How would you keep track of the maximum Y value? This Y value can also get deleted during the process.

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Still looking :)

Max Heap


What kinds of programming languages do I usually code in? Which one do I feel the most comfortable with?

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It depends on the purpose of the project. I use R for data analytics and Python and Perl for development. Menos

Public Health Agency of Canada

What do you know about Markov chains?

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Markov chains, or HMM, is a statistical random model for predicting future status. It is widely used in bioinformatics, genome annotation, voice recognition and weather forecast. It estimates the probability of next status based on the current available datasets. Menos

bluebird bio

Crazy long programming test regarding differential expression analysis

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I did not answer the test.

Columbia University

How many exomes do you sequence a week?

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Uhhhhhh I work in the core. It varies.


What are ways to reduce unwanted errors in production?

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I suggested code testing and code coverage. They did not like this. The answer they wanted was; a statistical analysis of the results to show that the differences were 'good enough' and therefore justified updating the code. Menos

Public Health Agency of Canada

What do you know about the BLAST algorithm?

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BLAST is a sequence searching tool using query sequence(s) to find similar sequences in a database(subject). It uses statistics to give the matched sequences a number of parameters such as similarity, score, e-value, gap number. It is applied in bioinformatics to get homologous sequences. Menos

Sanger Institute

Any experience of supporting others with some technical issues

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What's SNP

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

What programs have you used for variant analysis?

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Bash, and python


How do you use NCBI to find information on a list of genes

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use ncbi batcht entrez search

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