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A un Automation Technician le preguntaron...23 de mayo de 2018

If I have a problem in high stress and fast paced environments.

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I told them I work well under pressure.


How to wire a 480 volt 3 phase motor

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The proper way to do it

Pactiv Evergreen

"Do you understand how this shift schedule works..?"

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"Yes Sir"


what do you think of the project , and your role in it?

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it's an interesting project but it's temporary and there are no future needs of that position for the company after a few months (they confirmed that) Menos

motor control change over wiring connection, PT 100 and relays only

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I answered specifically

Clampco Products

The most difficult part of our process centered around the hours / schedule required.

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I finally turned down the offer to work with a superb group of people due to the schedule's impact on my personal life. Menos


General questions about resume. Why I wanted the technician job being slightly overqualified.

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Talked about school and work experience, and why I wanted an introduction to a career in the automation industry. Menos

Robotic Automation Systems

They asked about the position requiring some travel and if I had a problem with that.

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I didn't like traveling but I would be willing to do it.

Academy of Advanced Manufacturing

Why are you interested in the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing?

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Explained my experience and how I wanted to learn more about automation to get a career in that field. Menos


How do you feel about traveling for work, you will be o the road a lot.

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I'm am not bothered by traveling, i know it will be part of the job, and ilook forward to seeing new challenges and experience. Menos

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