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Los auditores desempeñan un papel importante a la hora de garantizar la precisión financiera de organizaciones de todos los sectores. Sus principales responsabilidades consisten en revisar y auditar registros financieros para asegurarse de que las empresas cumplan con las normas y leyes fiscales en vigor. Una entrevista para el puesto de auditor a menudo incluirá preguntas relacionadas con tus habilidades (por ejemplo, cómo aseguras la precisión de los registros financieros).

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Pregunta n.º 1: ¿Qué flujos de trabajo sueles seguir para garantizar el proceso de auditoría?

Respuesta recomendada: Las auditorías pueden resultar engorrosas y conllevan el análisis de registros financieros muy detallados, por lo que es importante que el auditor siga flujos de trabajo establecidos. Estos flujos de trabajo evitan que se cometan errores o que se pasen por alto datos decisivos. A la hora de responder a esta pregunta, utiliza palabras sencillas y describe tu flujo de trabajo de principio a fin.

Pregunta n.º 2: ¿Alguna vez has tenido que respaldar tus hallazgos con datos objetivos?

Respuesta recomendada: Podría darse la situación de que algunos integrantes de la organización no estén de acuerdo con los resultados de una auditoría. Si te plantean una pregunta sobre tu propia experiencia al respecto, aplica el método STAR (Situación, Tarea, Acción, Resultado) para explicar cómo respondiste, qué acciones seguiste para presentar datos objetivos o pruebas y cuáles fueron los resultados.

Pregunta n.º 3: ¿Qué es el vouching y cómo se aplica al proceso de auditoría?

Respuesta recomendada: Las preguntas sobre términos concretos de auditoría te permitirán demostrar tus conocimientos en ese campo. Puedes aprovechar la pregunta para demostrar que conoces el término y para explicar cómo aplicarías el vouching a tu propio proceso (comprobación de evidencias documentales).

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Defense Contract Audit Agency
A un Auditor le preguntaron...2 de febrero de 2017

what is risk assessment & experience in risk assessment? What is audit planing? What is costing and your experience with cost accounting? tell me about your self what do you know about dcaa?

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I just got my offer! About an hour before the phone call, I read your question, so I asked on your behalf! Travel to Atlanta will be 100% covered. They are paying for it upfront so they'll be no need to worry about reimbursement. We are staying at the Embassy Hotel, downtown. My start date is June 12. Menos

Cheer up! You've wanted 2+ months for the freeze to end! Your call is coming eventually. Patience :) Menos

I also got the 3rd email. No updates on hiring freeze but at least they are still showing the interest in us. The SF86 is horrendous 127 pages long. My goodness. Lol Menos

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Defense Contract Audit Agency

What do you know about the DCAA, what do you know about job costing, what are pros and cons of working with a team, describe your strengths and weaknesses, tell us what you know about audit planning and risk assessment.

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Is the HR lady you spoke to Mary? thats the one i spoke to through email

Odi - I have not received the email from the security office. HR told me they were mailing the fingerprint card and that email would come with instructions re security check. Will let you know when I get more information. Time seems to go so slow when you are waiting, waiting, waiting... Menos

Anonymous Congratulations on finally getting the firm offer. That is wonderful news and I am very happy for you. Seems like a lot of pain and effort only to decline once the firm offer finally comes through. Is your alternative a better deal for you looking at all of the factors? Think carefully and respond rather than react. Since mid November, I still only have a verbal TO. No idea when the FO/EOD will come. HR said her supervisor is telling her to work on other things, so my file is put aside for the time being. I don't know when progress will be made. I am told that I am in the system as "hired", and that therefore, Trump's anticipated hiring freeze should not affect me. The people that need to be concerned are those that are not in the system yet. That's about all I know. Hoping the information is reliable but who knows? Living in Limboland is not easy. Ugh! Menos

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Rain and Hail Insurance

If you could be a superhero, what power would you possess?

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Me: Anything but the ability to control lightning. Interviewer: Why so? Me: So that we can still claim lightning strikes as acts of God on insurance claims. Menos

Fly - of course. Then I would not be looking for a job.

My power would be to turn stupid questions into relevant questions that have to do with the actual job. Menos

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Defense Contract Audit Agency
A un Auditor le preguntaron...13 de febrero de 2017

What do you know about DCAA, what is risk assessment and your experience with risk assessment, cost accounting, and strength and weakness

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Any news?

I interviewed on 2/17/17 and haven't heard anything yet.

I interviewed on 21 Feb. Nothing yet. I emailed HR and they told me that we won't hear back anything until after hiring freeze is lifted, which is April. Menos

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Marriott International

What 3 qualities are important to have in this position?

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Smile understand of othere and work together

Smile lm'a people person that love to help out. If l don't know the answer,l well get it. Menos

Precence of mind, Poilteness, Readybto take different challenges

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DHL Supply Chain
A un Auditor le preguntaron...23 de agosto de 2018

If a defective product was coming off the line, how would you respond to the associates that had prepared it?

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I will get along with the manager or supervisor on duty and show them what I detected , so they can correct it. Menos

I will get along with the manager or supervisor on duty and show them what I detected , so they can correct it. Menos

I would cordially as the associates to put quality first because DHL model is "we get things right the first time." Menos

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Jana Small Finance Bank

Previous experince where i worked and what i worked

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I worked as a casual staff under wb govt..

Explained fully about my experience


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Defense Contract Audit Agency
A un Auditor le preguntaron...9 de febrero de 2017

Tell me what you know about the DCAA? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you know about cost accounting? What do you know about a risk assessment and have you ever conducted a risk assessment? Tell me a time when you had to deal with conflict resolution?

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Does this mean you got an offer? If so, congrats!

I received an email saying I was suitable for the position and will be contacted after three hiring freeze is lifted with an offer and pre-employment process. Hopefully it gets lifted sooner rather than later. Menos

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What can you bring to Jabil?

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Broad IT experience. Excellent work ethic, team builder and company focus. Enjoy IT technology and challenges. Menos

And employee that makes sure everything that he does is correct before letting him move on Menos

The question thus becomes; why will I put my experience and expertise to use for you? Therin lies the real questions you should ask. I bring a wealth of knowledge and apptiude to the table. Menos

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Sprout Mortgage

They needed a candidate with CISA certification.

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Considering how analytical my brain is, I’m quite sure U can complete it with flying colors something tomorrow or day after. If I aced the nursing entry exam I got this. Does it cost that take it? Menos

I’m willing to do the certification but can you tell me what exactly I’d be using it for? Menos

It’s used to do audits and I’m not to sure I would enjoy that as much as the legal profession. Menos

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