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A un Audit Associate le preguntaron...31 de marzo de 2020

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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As I read in your job description you are looking for talented and innovated candidates that are passionate to make a impact and difference in how the government is handling communication in some topics that not only does our Government needs to express to the people But also our President. I am currently involved researching mental Illness and how it affects different people. I am apart of many social groups and I just listen and learn. This topic is never spoken about. The Government and up the later need to be educated. Menos

Learning is one of your interview questions. We learn something new everyday. I personally do not follow the media for information. The media only gives you negative stories and its never about mental crises. I don't know everything about mental illness but I spend my time in researching and learning more about Mental illness and how it effects individuals. Menos

You ask about strength and weaknesses. First of all I don't believe in weakness. I believe in learning from feedback and work to strengthening my talents. Part of my strength comes in commitment to my challenges, I am very passionate in my work. I like to mentor and coach people that are not confident in there work. I believe in myself and that I can make a huge impact working with others. You never stop learning. Menos

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A un Stage Audit le preguntaron...25 de septiembre de 2020

Scritture contabili di base

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Salve, Potrebbe gentilmente fornirmi degli esempi di domande che le sono state fatte. Mi sarebbe davvero utilissimo. Distinti saluti. Menos

Salve, il test in inglese avviene in live con condivisione schermo o lo gestisce il candidato in autonomia? Menos

Salve, per quanto riguarda la parte di colloquio col manager, che tipo di domande sono state fatte ? Menos

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During the last stage of the interview, the department head was asking various questions relevant to the position. However, one of the last question was a bit strange to say the least that left me confused and curious whether I would be willing to work for a person that assigns tasks or provide feedback using random allegories: "A woman came to the market to sell eggs. The first customer bought half of her eggs and a half of an egg. The second customer bought half of the remaining eggs and a half of an egg. The third customer only bought one egg. After that, the woman had no eggs in stock. How many eggs did she bring with her to the market?"

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7 eggs

First customer: 7÷2 = 3.5 plus 0.5 = 4 (remaining 3) Sec. Customer: 3÷2 = 1.5 plus 0.5 = 2 (remaining 1) Third Customer: 1 Total: 4+2+1= 7 eggs. Menos

9 eggs

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Deutsche Post & DHL
A un Audit le preguntaron...17 de agosto de 2010

Are you a leader or a follower?

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Everyone is a leader and a follower. For example, I lead people who work with me and I follow my own leaders and learn from them. Even at home I lead my family ( kids) and follow my spouse who has tremendous insights on how to live life. Menos

One cannot become a leader without first being a follower


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Tell me how you used your own experinece for solving problem.

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Often I weight the pros and cons of any situation when it comes to a decision I need to make in reference to my personal life. Offer times I feel this method is the best way to see the whole picture at a higher level in order to begin coming up with the best solutions. Menos

match cases


- Tell me about yourself. - Why KPMG? - Why audit? - Tell me more about your job experience at here and here. - Tell me more about how you managed your time while living overseas. - Tell me more about this (extracurricular) you did at university. - Some other situational/behavioral questions relating to my time overseas were also thrown in the mix. - No technical questions.

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Advice: Give straight-forward answers, highlight your capabilities without sounding too over-eager, research the company beforehand and try to quote the info you found when you can and pay attention during the HR presentation before the group discussions as they may come in handy during the interview. Menos

hi may i know is it compulsory for everyone to speak out?

May I know what was the presentation topics about? and so the essay writing question? Menos

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Canadian National Exhibition

Explain the definition of audit.Why did you apply to CNE?

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To obtain a position that will enable me to use my experience, skills and educational background, and ability to work well with people. Menos

To obtain a position that will enable me to use my experience, skills and educational background, and ability to work well with people. Menos

To obtain a position that will enable me to use my experience, skills and educational background, and ability to work well with people. Menos

Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop

what subject is your specialty?

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Management Advisory Services....and so on.

Customer service

Financial Management


why me

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my past experience

Obviously, my past experience relevance

why me


Give an example of a time something did not go the way you planned.

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I gave an example and was sure to tell how I was able to adjust.

You need to Savage the suituation, with next better possible method, to achieve the target, as every job can be done multiple methods. Menos

Typical problem solving question.

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