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A un Associate Media Director le preguntaron...23 de enero de 2014

Five cats can catch five mice in five minutes. With that in mind, how many cats does it take to catch 100 mice in 100 minutes

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Answer is 5 because each cat takes 5 minutes to catch 1 mouse.

It would be 1 cat, since 5 cats get 5 mice in 5 minutes, 1 cat would get 1 mouse in 1 minute. So 100 minutes later that 1 cat would have caught 100. Menos



Surprisingly some questions where around basic cookie capabilities in a research project. And they were asking because they did not understand it...

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Tried to explain it like I did not my client who has no digital experience at all. Not sure if it helped. Menos

Starcom Worldwide

Have you used SPSS?

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I used it in graduate school, not recently


Provide an example of where you made a change to a campaign based on Google Analytics.

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Campaign optimizations aren't always based on one measurable parameter. Google Analytics provides information on how potential prospects interact with a website. I wouldn't necessarily base optimizations solely on information gleaned from Google Analytics. Menos

Horizon Media

Why do you want to come back to the agency world having spent time in sales?

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I love strategizing and a collaborative team environment. While I used those skills in my former sales roles, I realized my strengths would be best applied and utilized in an agency setting. Menos


Tell me about a time you used an experiment to prove out a deeper insight.

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I shared specific examples from prior roles, though this didn't prevent eventual feedback that I "wasn't an expert". Menos

Noble People

Director (male) asked why I was interested in working for NP.

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After I complimented their client roster, he condescendingly told me that I shouldn't move to a new agency because of the clients they have. Menos

Noble People

Director (male) actually asked me if I were an animal what would I be.

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I've NEVER had this question asked of me at any type of interview and I was fully unprepared. Menos

Noble People

I asked them how they monitor and manage employee performance and growth.

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Director (male) told me that I need to learn that the only person responsible for my career is myself. Menos

CMI Media Group

Tell me about your SEM experience Tell me about your workstyle Tell me about your experience managing teams Situational questions, related to managing teams or dealing with difficult clients

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I spoke tremendously about the importance of communication, transparency, setting expectations with direct reports with the exepctation that they follow those expectations once both parties agree and are on board. I spoke about the importance of forming a team environment that's inclusive, respectful, honest, open and thoughtful of everyone's work load which ultimately enables a positive work environment and less stress on team members so we deliver the best quality of work to clients and have more productive + less stressful work days. I quickly learned when I started, CMI Media doesn't value or practice any of these things. Menos

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