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A un Management Consultant Associate le preguntaron...16 de mayo de 2018

Can you demonstrate a time you showed leadership?

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Used an example from University and structured it using the STAR methodology and then added emphasis on what I had learnt. Menos


Tell me more about this teaching role on your CV.

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Had prepared earlier about how each previous experience had prepared me for the role I was interviewing for. Menos


Questions asked in technical round were based on area of interest, and from projects mentioned in the resume, some questions on data structures, basic coding questions and sorting techniques and solutions to real life scenarios implementing the topics that I has mentioned in the resume, OOPs concepts. The HR round started off with introduction question, what my motivations are, what my aim is. This round was more of a conversation rather than an interview. The Skype round questions were on what projects have I worked on and what my strengths and weakness are.

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I explained with examples the questions asked in technical round and whatever I didn't know I said that I didn't. HR round and Skype round I just said what came first to my mind and was completely honest about myself. Menos


How comfortable are you facing scrutiny from superiors?

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Would you be willing to adopt positions of importance during projects towards the beginning of your placement? Menos

Bain & Company

Why did you choose Bain?

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Bain is the one place I know I'll be surrounded by talented, intelligent people who will challenge me to be better but still support me in my work and career. I value transformation and being at bain I will be at the forefront of change Menos

Eagle Hill Consulting

What is a strength and weakness of each boss you've had and what would they say is a strength and weakness you have.

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Write out an answer for each job/boss. This helped me so much.

McKinsey & Company

Simpler profit case

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It was pretty much a classic case question around a telecom company.

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I did out a custom framework and we talked through it together.

Specture Labs

Participated in focus area Enterprise Architecture Q&A session. Went through a case study.

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Explain step by step processes, answered focused questions.

pH Associates

To present a past project

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I presented a past project

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