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A un Landman le preguntaron...10 de agosto de 2015

How do you feel about courthouses?

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No problem what-so-ever

Name the last Action or Romance novel / book I read, do I like to read. Name the British government. I can't recall all of his questions.

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With more questions

EXCO Resources

They just asked about my experience, what I wanted to do etc.

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I just gave answers about myself.

Norwood Land Services
A un Landman le preguntaron...8 de septiembre de 2017

Tell me how you would go about creating an abstract. Tell me about the Duhig rule. Tell me about CDC. (yes, clearly he's straight from a textbook)

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I answered the question as any senior-level professional resource would: accurately. Menos

Purple Land Management
A un Landman le preguntaron...6 de octubre de 2015

What brought you to apply to PLM?

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Purple Land Management

What is a mineral severance?

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When the surface ownership differs from the mineral ownership

Land Energy

How much experience do you have?

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i told them how much experience i had.

Chesapeake Energy
A un Landman le preguntaron...11 de febrero de 2012

Knowledge of acquisitions and divestitures principles and methodologies and corporate strategy.

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Knowledge of land management principles including negotiations, contracts, and leasing Menos

A un Landman le preguntaron...23 de septiembre de 2020

Have you ever worked with Joint Operating Agreements?

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No I have not but I am aware of what they are and what they are used for.


Strength Weakness

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If I flew to an interview and the co pulled that bologne, I would be very dissapointed and walk out! You would think if they were to go through that effort they would be more personable and casual about it if they were sincerely interested. I never heard back from any comp I did situational Q interviews with Menos

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