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Do you have sales experience?

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Just say yes and expand it a bit, and they will be happy.

What do you mean by "realising what it is all about"?

What it is all about? Well, here are our products, we charge a hell lot, but do not tell it to the client. Just sell it, the faster the better, without caring for the person's real need. The older the better the clients are, they can follow you slower and realize what they jumped into later. Good luck!

How would you valuate a shipyard?

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How many donut shops are there in your home town?

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¿What are your plans for the future?

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1st interview: I did not expect it because it happened in the very first call. The interview had two parts, the first part was to test my creativity, I had to provide as many number of ideas to solve a specific daily problem. The second part, I had to estimate the price that should be assigned to a service provided by a Start-up. It lasted a total of 50 minutes. 2nd interview: The first interviewer asked me about my experience. Then he asked me to solve a business case (identify why a company was losing revenue, interpret graphs, etc.). The second interviewer gave me more graphs to interpret and one math problem to solve. The interview lasted 2 hours.

We went through several two to three cases in each technical interview. Mainly about competition and program evaluation

Why you did you choose Veeva and not any of our competitors?

Cuéntame sobre ti y resalta los puntos fuertes de tu CV

What do you think we do at Veeva? What do youn think associate consultant means at veeva? Why have you chosen to apply at Veeva?

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