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Axis Bank
A un Assistant Manager le preguntaron...16 de mayo de 2019

Tell me about yourself and other behavioral questions

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My name is sheetal i lived with my family in aurangabad , i have completed my graduation in computer science and I was preparing for competitive exams Menos

First, thank you giving this opportunity for introducing my self . My Name is Puja Singh . I am belongs to Bhagalpur from Bihar . I have completed graduation in science in 2017 . In my family there are 5 members including me , Mom , dad and two elder sister and one elder brother. I like to play badminton and listening music. Now I am preparing competitive Exam . 😊😊😊 Menos

I want to earn money along with money and it is my curiosity to take the company / field in which I work Menos

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Dollar Tree

Are you comfortable working some weekends?

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I have always been in retail so I am very accustom to weekends and holidays.

Yes very use to working weekends Every Holiday other than Christmas Day

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Burger King

"How can you as a team member increase sales a Burger King?"

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Up-sell. Customer service and hospitality is key! Happy customers keep coming back. Menos

Up-sell to guests. For example, ask if they would like cheese and bacon, a fry and a drink, desert, etc. Menos

I'm great with people even people that's having a bad day. I can make people day better with a smile or just talking with them. Am a hard worker, I'm always on time when coming to work, I work overtime if we short of team worker or need help cleaning at closing time. Menos

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What are you career aspirations?

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Grow a career with the company, improve my skills, become a retail operations supervisor then represent the company expansion in other countries. Menos

I love to work talking with people alone and with team

I was running a jolery store as manager

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PSA International

If I had to compare myself to an animal which would I choose.

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Don't do it!!! It's a scam! The same thing happen to me a couple of days ago! it's a work from home job and the person who is interviewing you is going to try to send you a check for your supplies. The check is fraudulent! He is gonna try to tell you to deposit the check into your account and then have you to transfer it into another account. I went to the bank and they stopped it before he could get the money! Menos

What were the name of the ppl contacting you? Did they FedEx the check to you? Did you ever buy any supplies? Menos

He was very aggressive and very eagered for me to get the bank

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1. Describe the steps you have taken to ensure your organization delivered a high level of customer service. 2. Describe a recent job related situation where you had to make an important business decision. 3. Describe your role and responsibilities in managing merchandising operations. 4.Describe a time when you and your team completed a critical project despite a heavy workload. 5. Describe the process you have used to ensure your work plans are aligned and coordinated with company initiatives and direction. 6. Describe the steps you go through in order to plan for future staffing needs. 7. Describe a time when you had to influence a group to support a significant change in work processes.

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we strictly demonstrate our feelings with our co-employees by talking problems like friends by freedomfull manner Menos

HCL Technologies

Where do you see after 5 years?

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try to be most sucessfull person in your organization

After 5year sucessfull peason in our company

after five years i improve my bestof my knowldge &organisation

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What are your management skills?

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I have communication skills, time management, problem solving, planning, team building, and keeping calm in difficult situations. Menos

If needed I am willing to relocate if given time to find housing.

If needed I am willing to relocate if given enough time to find housing.

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It's Christmas time and an employees drawer keeps coming up short repetitively what do you do?

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You tell the manager.

retrain and discipline if continues.

If there has been proper audits done throughout shift and employee has been warned on paper then termination of employment is the next step. Menos

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What impression would someone have of you in the first 5 minutes of speaking with them?

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Knowledgeable and very helpful

Great guy

Very positive

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