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BeMo Academic Consulting
A un Digital Marketing Assistant le preguntaron...26 de agosto de 2020

Create examples of Display Ads for medical school applicants in the US

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It's understandable to be upset because you didn't receive the job but asking for skills assessment is completely normal. How else would an employer know if the person who says they have certain skill set for a job such as digital marketing assess the applicant's actual abilities? If you were not selected, it's because you didn't have the skills required unfortunately. We do tend to be very selective and sometimes our hiring process takes over 6 months. We will keep posting the same job over and over until we find someone suitable at our sole discretion. To be clear the functional test has zero value to our organization beyond assessing an applicant's skill levels and we're not using to get people to do "free work" for us. Lastly, our marketing team members who have been hired take about an hour to complete the task. If it takes someone more than two hours, they are probably not at the skill level suitable for us yet. With hard work and experience we're sure you can get the required skills and find a suitable position at another organization. All the best. Menos

Pay me first, guys

They did the same thing to me. Task involved 32 questions - they said shouldn't take any longer than 2 hours, but it would actually take twice as long to do a decent job. I spent over 4 hours on it and sent it in and got nothing back. I agree with you - they keep doing this to get free work without ever hiring anyone! Menos

Advanced Technology Group (KS)

Why do you want to do marketing in house vs. an ad agency?

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How would you prioritize what to work on if you already have a lot of work and something else was put on your desk? Menos

Generation Y

At which position would I prefer to work.

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I came for the position of Digital Marketing Assistant as I applied for.

Swatch Group

Pourquoi voulez vous travailler dans les montres?

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J'aime les montres, c'est une accessoire de mode, qui définit le caractère de celui qui la porte (cette réponse ne lui allait pas) J'aime vendre un vrai produit qui a été pensé et fabriqué par des vrais spécialistes et où il y a un vrai travail derrière (pas l'air satisfaite non plus) Menos


Avez-vous des préjugés sur le monde du tabc

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Pas du tout pour y avoir déjà travaillé

andean summit adventure

How did you find us?

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By Internshipmapper the offer seemed to me a big opportunity so I decided to apply Menos

O que você acredita que de resultados em uma estratégia de marketing digital?

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Planejamento e uma estrutura de canais alinha com o público alvo



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We're instructed to answer a questionaire online to receive a second interview


About you/your experiences/ introduction

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Overview of education, career thus far, and passions

BHM Financial Group

I guess the interviewer noticed that I wasn't happy with that they were offering in terms of a salary, after which he asked me how much I wanted. When I answered with a market appropriate salary (plus considering I'd be a contractor), his question was "Why?"

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I was at a loss for words for a second there (at how cheap the interviewer was) but I said something along the lines of "Well you're a company providing loans so the clients that I'll bring in through SEO are very valuable to you." Menos

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