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A un Customer Service Representative Marketing le preguntaron...16 de junio de 2015

what makes me a good candidate for the position I applied for.

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honestly I'm trying to make a living for my three children. I'm very enthuastic passionate, goal and detailed oriented. I'm a hard working woman and can anything I put my mind too. Menos

Solid Digital

Managerial style

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Open / Collaborative

Infinite Direct

"What do you think of the Geico commercial? Is it effective in marketing its product?"

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I said yes, but the answer was no. The interviewer was looking for me to say that Geico commercials, while funny, do not make potential clients want to buy their product. Menos

Golden Events Group

What makes you stand out from the other candidates?

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I said I am easy to train and have a lot of availability

VIAVI Solutions

[*] Tell me something about yourself, your professional and personal background like family, etc. [*] Which was the most challenging project for you? [*] What type of Vendor management experience you have. [*] Tell me which project had Service Cloud/Sales Cloud and how did you use it. [*] How did you use Sales/Service cloud in the project being discussed. [*] After all question/answer session, asked whether I would like to add anything more which has not been covered during our discussions. [*] Tell me about your experience in establishing and handling SFDC Practice.

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[*] Vendor Mgmt - told that dealing with outside IT Services vendor for project implementation and also the product team from Oracle, etc. Google Vendor Mgmt too for a constructive answer. [*] For uncovered points, I have added few more points relevant to SFDC Practice handling. [*] Highlighted that I have experience in SOW, contract preparation, reviews, etc. Menos

Source Marketing Direct

What did you notice all the people in the waiting room have in common?

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I noted that they all looked young or were recent graduates.

Sagittarius Marketing

Stage 2. I then went into meet Claire for a face to face interview in the offices - which were very stylish!. Again the format was quite informal, but the questions were intelligent and at times quite in depth - they were getting a good picture of what I wanted and whether I would be a good cultural fit. I was given lots of opportunity to ask questions and fact find - it was a very open and honest discussion.

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We finished by Claire showing me all around the offices and introducing me to a couple of team members. Menos

Capitol City Group

The most unexpected questions was how long I had been married and if I have any kids--pretty sure that's illegal. And I felt pretty awkward standing there in the Home Depot while the other candidate explained how her family helped care for her kids since she is a single mom.

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That is illegal and I would report it, if they want to scam others than they have it coming to them. Menos

Peak Concepts

Is personal and professional growth important to you? What is your biggest strength at this point in your career? What is you biggest weakness?

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Growth is super important to me in my career. My biggest strength is my adaptability. My biggest weakness is the pressure I put on myself at times because I have high expectations. Menos

Critical Mass

To find an item under a dollar an sell it an it's attributes

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I described it as a pen that erases words from paper with voice activation an has a charger Menos

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