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Delivery Hero
A un M&A Legal Counsel le preguntaron...20 de mayo de 2018

They asked why I wish to join Delivery Hero?

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I answered that I'd like to continue working with M&A but rather as an inhouse and not as an outsourced legal counsel (as im currently working as). Also, the company's huge growth, flat hierarcy and general atmosphere interested me. Menos

Omniglobe International

Why u leave your last job???

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just for the sake of better growth

Warner Music Group

Tell me about your goals. What's your favorite type of music? Do you like country music? Who's your favorite artist on our roster? Tell me about a difficult conversation you had. Are you cool under pressure?

LexisNexis Legal & Professional

What is your aim and ambition long term?

What are your qualification for this position and what salary do you expect. It was my first legal job so take what they offer. 9.00 or more. Don't expect anything else unless you know what your doing.

International Refugee Assistance Project

The questions aimed at assessing the candidate's experience with the reponsibilties the role entailed, by asking for cocnrete examples. These included supervision of staff, oversight of work across different locations and countries, and collaboration with other units.


There was nothing out of the ordinary

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