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Duke Energy
A un Lead Financial Planning Analyst le preguntaron...27 de enero de 2013

Tell me about a time when you promised a customer something you couldn't deliver or that was bad for the company.

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I had not experienced such a situation, no answer


Can you give an example of..... Leadership skills, agility, cross-functional collaboration, influence without authority

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Provided examples as per my work and private experiences


2-(technical) How are the 3 main financial statements related?


Describe some of your weaknesses

P.J. Whelihan's Pub + Restaurant

Q: Walk me through your current role? (They tried to shut it down after I mentioned that I liked my current role) Q: (After adding unasked why I applied to the role) What would your plan be here to build out this role from scratch? PJW doesn't have an FP&A team now, so expect this question

A un FP&A Lead le preguntaron...9 de septiembre de 2022

Standard 'tell me a time when' questions related to my technical experience, project / process management, and competencies. Also questions around company culture, management styles that worked well / not so well in the past, and examples of when I helped foster a healthy and inclusive company culture.

Hyperloop One

Why do you want to work for Hyperloop One?

Lennox International
A un FP&A Lead le preguntaron...20 de noviembre de 2020

Favorite excel formula Tell me a time you had to have a tough conversation with a business partner How would you go about solving X (situational issue)


Tell me about a time you failed.

Reliance Retail

Lot of questions relating to your all work experience .

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