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A un Senior Art Director le preguntaron...24 de septiembre de 2012

Timed math quiz!

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I was there this week. Totally not what I was expecting. A math quiz that was timed. I'm still trying to figure out what was the purpose behind this. Menos

Asking creative people to take math tests is counterproductive and illustrates a total misunderstanding of their skill set. Menos

waste of time


There are no questions, just a monologue of 'how great I am' from the CEO.

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Wow. You are so very very great.

This is so true. He is so pompous.

Legend in his own mind

Y Media Labs

Would you still want to work here for a lower title and salary?

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Yes I would

Yes, I would.

Thomas J. Paul

from CD: "How are are you?" "Aren't you thinking of retiring?"

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Gee, you are the first company to initiate a discussion about retirement benefits this early in the interview, but if you would like to talk about them, go right ahead! Menos

Philipp und Keuntje

What do you think are the most important characteristics of an art director?

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Good criteria and taste, passion for your job and discipline to investigate and live the visual communications in every possible way. Menos

Two healthy eyes


Why u want to join?

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I feel with heart and what was true I said

Por que eu amo imaginar, inventar e expor ideias que eu acho que pode se tornar fato, mas não sou formado em nada, apenas no ensino médio, fiz curso de informática online, e também um curso de assistente de vendas... Menos

Concorde Career Colleges

my background

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provided summary of work history

been around the field for 20 years and have been exposed to various situations and situations with a very favorable outcome when it came to patients care. Begin my career working in a workers comp urgent Care typesetting performed various duties such as assisting in minor surgeries autoclaving vital signs visual acuity test as well as audiograms collected specimens such as blood via venipuncture and urine for macro urinalysis. Numerous eye and ear lavage and administrative and clerical work in the front office. Menos


If i would be willing to relocate for the job.

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Yes, if it would be a long term thing.


GMR Marketing

What are your current roles and responsibilities.

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I discussed my current job responsibilities.

Sales engineer. And I am the brand promote in my whole district. Before this job I am the supervisor in this role I lead a team with six members and I am monitoring that team done work correct or not.. Menos


What have you eaten for your lunch?

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Burger bakar.


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