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InterVision Systems
A un Area Vice President of Sales le preguntaron...25 de febrero de 2022

What is your background related to the challenges we have discussed.

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I demonstrated past experiences.


What brands have you closed in the past

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Legally I am not allowed to answer that questions as companies view technology as a competitive advantage. You should know not to ask these types of questions in an interview Menos


What is your approach to building a team?

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Hire people that want to be part of the journey and work to make them successful. Menos


Why integration? Why integration NOW?

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The confluence of: - The rise of CX in SaaS models - the shortage of IT talent - the need to marry legacy and cloud systems and data - the business pressure to launch services faster and better Menos


Have you ever operated in a team selling/ cross-selling environment? What was the outcome?

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They are not looking for lone wolf types- make sure that you are clear that you like to work in a team (if it is true). Menos


Why do I know about Salesforce and why do I want to join the Salesforce team?

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do you have a sample slide / slides that you used in our interview? I'd like to see samples Menos


Asked about past process improvement initiatives.

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Discussed implementation of case management clinical processes.

Beacon Hospice

Describe a scenario where you had to overcome a barrier with a physician because he/she was not an advocate for hospice.

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Outlined my process for delivering the basics of hospice care, what it means, how it is valuable to the MD who has patients that are in need of added care in the home, SNF or ALF environment. Menos


How were you measured in your previous roles and what was your performance vs quota in those roles? Awards/recognition?

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Reviewed sales numbers.

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