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Samsung Electronics
A un Area Service Manager le preguntaron...8 de agosto de 2012

Why did you leave the technical field after doing B.Tech ?

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As I wanted to grow in consumer electronics industry, so I opted for this line. I see a never ending growth in this industry and would love to be associated with this segment. Menos

Answer could be From engineering college Days I was interested In service/maintenance sector. Which can take me to manager level as well.Hence I chose this segment. Menos

r u interested for long time work

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s based on work and more over need to spend time for family also

WPG Holdings

do you have a rolodex of contacts?

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WPG Holdings

what is your golf handicap?

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Franke Faber India

How will you convince someone to wait more than the required time?

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I will show him the transparency and will tell the reason behind the delay.


general questions about what I knew of the industry, what I considered to be a large loss

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I considered a large loss anything starting at 100K


What was needed to improve the position I would be taking.

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Improve training for onsite personnel to improve capabilities of personnel.


When could I start work

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By saying yes to the start date

Bühler Group

Mainly interviewed around four key areas: 1. Customer Service 2. After-Sales Service 3. Team Leadership 4. Project Management One question was how to achieve buy-in or persuade a customer to purchase a more expensive part than what the competitor is offering.

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Building trust and selling on the benefits and features of what Buhler offers in terms of life of long duration of the part in comparison to the generic parts. Menos

HomeServe UK

Most of the question were based on the Homeserve values as an employer and looking back i can now understand why. It was a very relaxed atmosphere where i could be myself and answer the questions honestly and they explained exactly what skills they were needing for the role.

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Honestly and with a view to what my personality and values could bring to the role of a people manager within the business. I left the interview and phoned my wife who was asking how i got on, I said i'm not sure whether i will get a job offer but i think i would like to work for that company and the people who interviewed me. Menos

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