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Schneider Electric
A un Systems Applications Engineer le preguntaron...9 de abril de 2011

tell me about yourself?

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Typical question

How long did it take for them to reply back to you after the final interview?

about 4 days

Oregon Health Authority

Why do you want this position?

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How do you respond to unrealistic deadlines and persuade others to meet goals?

Harvard University

They really didn't ask me direct questions, more of leading me to speak about myself.

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I tried to provide them with my background and experience.

MBA Consulting Services

Java technical questions

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University of Arizona

One problem: Google Fizz Buzz.

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Did in pseudo-code. This is to check and see if you have a thought process for programming. Honestly if you know loops, it should be easy to do with pseudo-code. Menos

MH Alshaya

Since you are an engineer from electrical background, why do you want to join in IT?

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So initially the details i had gotten for the role was that they were hiring for non-IT role, and while he has asked this question, it is the first time i have realized that they are hiring for IT. But since you want A JOB, you have to answer. Sir, Core electrical jobs are few, and since i am a fresher, i am open to learn about new fields and explore them . If i am getting an IT opportunity , i am sure ill make the best use of it for learning and enhancing my skills, and as an engineer i have basic technical knowledge which helps me to take the risk of joining in any field. Menos


Are you willing to commit to a long term goal?

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I told the panel, that I would like to have a long term commitment. And I'm not the type of person who easily gives us under pressure. If I can I can, but if I know that it's already my limitation I will seek help and not give up on it. I guess that having a commitment helps us grow in the aspect of personal and mental development. Menos

NXP Semiconductors

tell me about your recent projects

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Gave a brief description of my projects

Accenture Solutions (India)

Your long Term Goals

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i said i want to gain my learning Skills. I want to See my self In your position. Menos

UTHealth Houston

Where do I see myself in 5 years?

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I see myself as apart of the management team, guiding and training junior peers.

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