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A un Animation Story Artist le preguntaron...4 de junio de 2020

She asked if I had feature animation experience

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I answered that I had worked on many features / often in a supervising role


Was I interested in hiring on to Netflix as a board artist for their animation department / studio ?

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I answered it would really depend on the project. I asked if she could share a little more about what the film or series was ? She said she didn't know and would get back to me on that maybe. After a week she notified me by email that Netflix was no longer interested in hiring me. Menos


What did you think of our last movie?

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My family and I have watched that movie many times. felt they hit the right note with children Menos


Experience and goals for the future. Animation styles I was mostly happy with and workflows.

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Im confidence this job.


How are you

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Good and what about you

Remedy Entertainment

Whether I fully understood the extremely repetitive nature of the job


Do you use references when you make animation? Can you do creature animation? Do you have other kinds of technical skills?

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Yes, I use references a lot. Yes, I have some creature animation works. Yes, I have a little experience in rigging and using Houdini. Menos

Larian Studios

Eg. Favourite animations, games, and why I wanted this role.


Are you looking for freelance or is working at the studio an option?

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