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A un Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Administrative Role le preguntaron...29 de diciembre de 2018

Leadership background and professional practice history

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Skilled and experienced with education training

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

To give an example of how I may have helped another co-worker.

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During COVID, I worked in the OR ICU and took care of sick patients with a team of nurses, residents and doctors. We worked together during this difficult time. Menos


What sets you apart?

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Va retirement CRNA

Envision Healthcare

What some of my goals were for my first year as a CRNA

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To maintain my skills in spinals and epidurals.

University Hospital Newark

Most difficult patient scenarios

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UT Southwestern Medical Center

this was not that type of interview. all job interviews i have had in this field have been descriptions of the job rather than interrogations of the applicant.

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none needed.

All ques. were not difficult at all. They just wanted to know if I would come and work. I sent them a CV. So I suppose everything was answered in that form.

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My record speaks for itself. I have 29 yrs. experience in all aspects of anesthesia with no deficiencies. Menos

Texas Health Resources

Why do you want to work here?

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I did not have an interview

US Anesthesia Partners

Tell me about yourself. What are you looking for in an anesthesia group and in everyday cases/work?


They asked me about my certifications and why I chose to become a CRNA.

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