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Caine & Weiner Company, Inc
A un Customer Service Representative(First Party Collections) (Third Party Collections) le preguntaron...26 de julio de 2014

Would you work for 10.00 an hour? Even though we see that you have managers exp and also have been in the industry for 9 years, would you take a pay cut?

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I basically told this Jew business that my skills, not to mention experience in this field, that 10.00 an hr was a complete insult. Menos

H**l no!

NAVA Technology for Business

Experiencia profissional, explicação dos beneficios e sobre a empresa

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Conhecimento e atuação no sistema B2K por mais de 10 anos, Beneficios excelentes e uma grande empresa. Menos

University Federal Credit Union

Why are you leaving your current job?

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Why do you want this position? Tell me about your experience


Round1: Technical 1. Walkthrough of CV and any one project explanation in depth (from identifying business problem, solution approach, caveats and impact). This was followed by interviewer's questions on why a particular approach, what-if we used so and so approach etc. 2. SQL problems (easy to medium difficulty): a. Given Employee and Department table schemas, display the employees who have the highest salary in the department. b. Using the same tables, display number of employees in each department. 3. Python (2 questions) : a. Create a dataframe from a given list of example fields and column names b. Given a string, write a function to check if the string is a palindrome or not. 4. Business case study: The interviewer asked me if I have played any mobile games. Since I mentioned Scrabble Go, the case question was based on Scrabble: a. How would you design an algorithm to match one player with another for an online game setup? What data points/metrics will you use and why? How would you define the success metrics for the match-making algorithm? You can assume that only players can play only in online mode. You have the one-month historic data for the player stats on Scrabble and for the sake of simplicity, assume there are no user types (guest/logged in etc.) b. This was followed by in-depth discussion of the approach I shared and what-if scenarios based questions? Round 2: Technical 1. Walkthrough of CV and 2 projects in depth (~30 mins) 2. SQL questions: a. Given Daily Active Users table with the fields (Player ID, DateTimestamp, GameID), calculate the moving weekly count of daily active users i.e. on a given day, calculate the count of players who have played either today or in the last 6 days) for the month of January 2021. b. Given another table of Level Ups with the fields (Player ID, Player level, DateTimestamp when the player reached the certain level). Note that this table would contain records only for the day a player advanced a level in the game. For all the active users, calculate the daily distribution of players (in percentage) across 3 bins of levels (say 0-100, 100-200, >200). 3. Python (how would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10?) a. Given a list of elements, write a function to return the index of an element if it is present in the list. b. Given 2 lists of string elements, write a function to return cross-join and inner join of both lists.

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This looks like a flawed interview process. If they need these many rounds to judge a candidate, they can not judge them at all. Menos


Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an irate customer, describe the situation and what was the outcome?

Expedia Group

What is customer service to you?


Fizeram bastante perguntas sobre minha vida profissional

Walmart Global Tech

1. Guesstimation Problem to solve 2. Advanced SQL questions 3. PowerBI questions


Why interests you in WTW?


How to you gather requirements? Are you process oriented? Do you think fast on your feet? How much grass is in baseball?

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