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Flink (Germany)
A un SEO/SEM Manager le preguntaron...18 de octubre de 2022

-What do you look for in this company -Why did you apply/ why should we hire you -Why Berlin -Successful campaigns in the past


They didn't have the decency to let me know I didn't get an offer despite hours of time commiting to interviews. I don't respect that.


How would you set up an ad campaign on Google Ads?

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I explained and then demonstrated an example campaign setup for the interview.

Starcom Worldwide

What makes a good ad? Which retailer would you suggest for your brands?

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The brand name, followed by a call to action and then information about the product. Menos


Are you comfortable with putting in 60-80+ hours a week

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Several people tried to dissuade me from the job by talking about the long hours. Menos

PMG Digital Company

What is your favorite excel function? Tell me about a time where you dealt with a difficult client.

are you ok with data analysis and do you have any experience on launching facebook ads

Digital Room

How many gallons of gasoline is used in cars in America a year. [sic]


Tell me about your previous employer. Should we work with them?

Daniel Wellington

How do you know Daniel Wellington?

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