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Cigniti Inc.
A un Senior QA, IV Years Automation Using Selenium and Java le preguntaron...3 de junio de 2016

first round : Telephonic round 1. java concepts like collections, memory types, array and array list, diff between collections and array, list map set differences, java program like reverse string with out using functions. 2. selenium concepts like alert, diff ways to find frames, and alerts. how to handle windows, how to handle dynamic elements, how to find duplicate elements, types of locators in selenium, about jxl and poi jars, explain about maven, testNG, any api used in ur app and what are they, how to handle to upload file or image, autoIT and current version of selenium. 3. manual testing , what is regression testing, white box testing and black box testing, SDLC phases, Bug life cycle, smoke testing.

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i answered all the questions that i noticed above.


Tell me of a mistake you've made in your job and how did you learn from it.


The most difficult question for me was to identify my weakness(es). The reason for this is because I am somewhat uncomfortable with discussing my weaknesses with anyone for fear of judgment. But I was able to overcome this fear and be transparent and provide the things that I am aware that I need to work on.

A un QA III/IV le preguntaron...21 de septiembre de 2022

Value based questions: what you would do in certain situations?


What are your 3 biggest weaknesses?

Wells Fargo

First round can be little tricky as there are no direct technical questions from the Lead they come as you answer the questions along the way during interview.


How do you handle difficult co-workers

Wells Fargo

All UFT basic question and advanced as well Agile related questions

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