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A un Email and Chat Support Agent le preguntaron...22 de abril de 2021

Will you be able to do rotational shifts?

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No Because Already job In Pure Foods Company Private Company Morning Shift Menos

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Why do you want this job?

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First of all i like to accept challenges i knew it how we can build a business relationship with customers as i am belongs to market by profession so it wouldn't be difficult for me so if you giving me chance you'll see that how i make a good business for your company by the Grace of Allah SWT thanks Menos

As u see on my CV I have an a past experiance of handling the comunication and how can we tackle the customer by thier own tricks of writing so thats why i fell that am prove very lucrative to your company inshallah Menos

I want this job because I want to earn myself

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Why you have applied for mindbridge?

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I have applied for do sonething for my family because of good salary

Because I want to finance myself! I want to stand on my feet and uplift my status to be a part of your organization. Menos

Because I want to finance myself! I want to stand on my feet and uplift my status to be a part of your organization. Menos

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Active Web Group

How well do you know HTML and inline CSS?

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You are pathetic and truly despicable with you fake reviews, do you think anyone is stupid enough to not catch on to you. Menos

Still posting fake reviews, what kind of idiots do you think people are, I hope the IRS or Business Software Alliance or someone shuts you down. Menos

This company is deplorable to even post a FAKE positive interview scenario along with the consistent FAKE positive reviews that are laughingly ALL the same. Are the same three or four "people" writing these or just the one front office "person" writing these? You must really think that people are stupid to believe that consistent similar positive posts are all believable! "No cons here!" Ha, Ha! What, are you starting to run out of people to interview with all the consistent turnover? Guess so! Menos


Tell me about yourself and your interests.

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I answered all the questions casually, as I was not very much prepared. The thing I noticed that, they were actually looking for your grip on English language. if, you are good in English speaking/writing then you don't need to worry at all, otherwise, improve your English to get there. Menos

Am atiqa from lahore .am seeking a job in order to support my family


Timing issues if any

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I have no issue About timing

What is career path of email executive?

HiPower support center

Do you play games?

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I play a little bit of games. So I mentioned the few games that I played

Yes i play games .Board games , indoor & outdoor games and some video games .(except playing games with humans life) Menos


I was asked to relate all my answers based on my actual experience identifying the Action, Solution and Outcome.. The difficult part is to answer a subjective question from your actual experience which Administration/Executive assistance from my side and relating it to the question being asked which are mostly relating to Sales. It's not easy to connect to such, so it took me awhile to organize my thoughts before answering...but during the course of interview, i was interrupted many times by the interviewer, that i need to answer faster and that i need to be brief in my answers. The fact remains, it's not easy to connect administration experience to sales experience with consideration to it's actions, solution and outcome.

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It could have been easier if the question can be answered in an objective way, not subjective. it' a scripted interview and can't be rephrase., it does not fit mine qualifications. Menos

Applied for the Chat support ----- I was asked the same thing. I was asked to relate it to work or school and no personal life answers. Although there were questions that was hard to relate with my previous work (non BPO) and or school, some questions are easy to relate to as well. After that I was told I was going to be put on ranking with the other applicants. And it got me thinking, maybe I didnt answer what she (interviewer) was expecting to hear. Damn I know I could have done that job well if I was given the chance. Menos

Hawke Media

Could you come back to talk about a content position for 30k?

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Absolutely not.

Again, I would like to personally apologize for that mistake of mine. In a decade of recruitment experience and with very strong recommendations across country, I have quite never experience such an embarrassing moment in my career... While taking full solely responsibility for that unprofessional moment I put you through, I want to ensure that it is a one time inconvenience and, I insist, it does not reflect the Company AT ALL. I understand your frustration and hope I can make it for you in the future. Kindly, Stephane Menos

Lakewood Church

How do you keep up with email trends? "Email trends?", I thought. I've been receiving emails for 20 yrs. and been in the email marketing business for 5 yrs. - there have not really been any trends to keep up with, it's all the same (relevant content, call-to-action, catchy subject line, best time to launch). Irrelevant question as far as I was concerned.

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Email marketing is changing all the time, there are definitely trends to keep up with and this is not an irrelevant question. ISPs come out with new rendering all the time, new privacy protection laws have come into effect, new technology you can use in email, new best practices to try. All they wanted to hear was "I am active in email marketing groups on linkedin to keep up with new ideas and trends, and I subscribe to the Litmus newsletter to get the most up to date advancements in technology." Go read the Litmus blog, and that will show you how much can change in 6 months. If you think email hasn't changed in 20 years, then I think you're in the wrong industry. Menos

Actually no, it's not changing all the time - Most Common Rules: 1. Abide by CAN-SPAN regulations 2. Obey the laws for sending to minors 3. Don't use "paid for" lists as you ma y be reported to Spam Cop 4. Do not send content the user did not sign up for 5. Do not send content that is misleading 6. Do not use trademarked images or slogans unless you have permission from the entity that owns the trademark 7. If you use an animated GIF then make sure the 1st image gets your point across as not all email clients render animations 8. Use ALT tags for images to direct the user in case their client cannot view images 9. Avoid using Javascript. 10. Try to use only inline CSS and absolute paths (although can be difficult with responsive email designs). BONUS - AOL sucks.. always has, always will! I've been in front-end development, back-end development, systems migration and email marketing. The very least technical of all disciplines is email marketing! Menos

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