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Preguntas de entrevista de Agente de servicio de atención al cliente


Preguntas de entrevista para agente de servicio de atención al cliente compartidas por los candidatos

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Language skills and English exam

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Interview for over 2 hours was in the same language they put you under examination!!! I should of realized from that moment companay has (common sense) issues!

Hi, was the interview via Skype? Was it in english? thanks a lot AB

Interview was in English!! They were so unprofessional,! I explain: They needed for the position someone that speaks fluently Arabic and English. English was anyway minimum requirements and everyone work in the company must be fluent in English. However Arabic was the language specification for the job, they did: 1. HR professional names "Aseel" asked me very personal questions from the very first 5 minutes! She is Arabic speaker from the same country I am and we spoke in Arabic! 2. The reporting manager who was supposed to be at interview came late 40 min and stayed 10 min only. 3. the reporting manager was from a non Arabic speaking nationality and spoke no Arabic, yet she asked me to say something in Arabic so she test that I can speak it LOL 4. They wanted to check my language skills so they gave me an English exam!!!! loooool 5. The exam had 2 missing papers, they told me its ok just write something about your hobbies and we will consider it! 6. Following up on process was hell! HR girl (they call themselves PPD which means people performance development) used to call me late end of the day and use the phrase "Leave everything in your hands and go right now send me bla bla bla document"!!! In a bossy tone. After I joined, the reporting manager had a huge problem with the fact that I was homesexual and married to my husband! her along with HR girl "who was hitting in me" worked hard to have me out of the company before I finish my probation period. IATA is a company with big name, but very small manners and professionalism. There is a lot f sexual interaction between staff and many people get promoted based on whom they had physical relation with! They often run "staff parties" that are in the evenings and have lots of alcohol. lots of crazy things happens, they use against staff second day in the morning! bad company to work for!

If you have an order that is not attended on time, what will you do to ensure the delivery?

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¿Conoces a alguien que hable alemán?

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Donde te ves dentro de 5 años

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Who is your role model?

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¿ Tienes experiencia en atención al cliente?

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why do you wait work from home?

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How many language do you speak? Which are your language levels? why did you apply for this job? Why would we have to choose you instead of another candidate? When could you start? Which are your salary expectations? Please describe your previous job experience.

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Presentation of my work experience. Give concrete examples of what I was doing in my pasts jobs, specially regarding customer service. Also asked me to speak in different languages.

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