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A un Senior Associate - Advisory le preguntaron...31 de julio de 2019

Start from your previous projects

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tell everything you have done till now, even the minute details

What is AI round?


Give an example of strengths and weaknesses.

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Trying to be effecient,. Lack of patience for innefficiencies.


Tell me about a situation when you had to convince your auditee and they were not willing to accept the exceptions.

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I said " Typically most of my exceptions were based on evidence. In cases where there was no evidence, I confirmed on email about the exception from the staff who was working with auditee. Having said that however, there were few instances where auditee did not agree to the evidence also, for them I showed the risk of not following standards. Rarely did the matter end with GM-Chief Audit Officer." Menos

Sathguru Management Consultants

The questions were focused on eliciting my perceptions on complex issues faced by growing ventures int he emerging markets and the way to solve them.

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The response was through a fair conversation by breaking down the problems into smaller lots and addressing each of them duly indicating past experiences encountered in solving problems. Menos

Marsh McLennan

Come mai desideri cambiare impiego e perché marsh

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Marsh è una grande realtà dal respiro internazionale ma soprattutto stimolante e con larghe prospettive di crescita dal punto di vista lavorativo Menos


I was asked for examples for nearly every bullet I had listed on my resume. The interview wasn't extremely technical but did refer to my resume a lot as expected.

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Why do you want to work for KPMG? What do you want to leave your company if you are advancing? Menos


Nothing out of the norm. Mostly behavioral and situation based.

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I actually thought that I had a chance since the interview process was going so smoothly. Till they told be about a 2 month hold up on an offer.............. Menos


My salary expectations

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See salary


No difficult questions as such. Few Technical questions from one director. Few behavior questions and case study.. Just be confident. If you have a genuine experience in your area of expertise, you will make it. Be ready to grill out technically at point.

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Great Experience!! Waiting for post interview feedback. Lets see


Questions were based on my experience (situational)

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I answered with scenarios / examples

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