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Kohler Co.
A un Sales Coordinator/Administrative/Secretary le preguntaron...2 de julio de 2013

"Do you know SAP?" "The current employee in this position seems to have a lot of free time - what would you do to occupy your downtime?"

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I would discuss other job functions I could take on.

Assist others to learn more about the company and a new skill set.

Could you please list the questions they asked in the first phone interview?? Thank you so much! Menos

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Mount Sinai Health System

Why do you want to work here?

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TOXICOLOGY – Your toxicology must be completed prior to your Physical Exam. HISTORY & PHYSICAL (fasting is not required). SKIN TEST FOR TUBERCULOSIS (chest x-ray if indicated) Employee Health will accept documentation of a negative PPD test (Must submit during physical exam). Two- step PPD skin test is required. a. within the past three months b. within the past twelve months Quantiferon gold – only if clinically indicated (see below) If you have a history of a positive PPD or BCG, you will need to have quantiferon gold testing and if clinically indicated, a chest xray (PA/Lateral). MANDATORY VACCINATIONS a. Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis) – You must show documentation of TDap within the past 10 years. b. Flu – If hired outside of the flu season, must show documentation of receipt from prior season. IMMUNIZATION STATUS Employee Health will accept immunization records or titer for the following a. Measles, Mumps and Rubella – Two MMR vaccines OR Measles, Mumps and Rubella titers b. Varicella – Two Varicella vaccines OR a Varicella titer c. Hepatitis B screening (if contact with patients) Menos

Since I had no previous hospital experience, I stated that I am looking for a place to call home and grow in a new field. Menos

What kind of medical clearance did you go through

Arizona State University

How do you handle various projects at one time?

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Review them daily and organize them by priority while being sure to consider time thats involved for each task as well Menos

Schedule them out in advance and make sure you hit your daily goals. Ask for help when needed. Menos


Do you handle multitasking well?

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Yes, I have held many positions where I'd have many job tasks at hand, and I had to prioritize in a way that best suited the business. Also I have willingly helped coworkers experiencing very busy situations at work. Menos

Handle multitasking very well.

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

Can I multi task

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told her my job description of the company I was working for and I knew how to prioritize and get things done. Understood how to handle confidential documents Menos

I doubt anyone will see this, but I interviewed for an administrative assistant job with AHCA a couple of weeks ago, and they called me the week after my interview and asked me to come in and sign a background check consent form, and when I went in to sign they also took me around the office and introduced me to everyone, but no one ever said I had been selected for the position. It has been 7 business days since I signed the form for my background check, and I haven't heard anything from them and I'm starting to get a little worried. I know my background check is squeaky clean, so I'm just wondering if it normally takes this long to complete a background check and how soon I should expect to hear from them? Sorry for this long rambling question, I'd really appreciate any feedback. Thanks! Menos

Cobb County School District

What are your faults.

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Sometimes, I find myself completing tasks in the order they were received and realize that work has to be prioritized, as well. Menos

Sometimes, I find myself completing tasks in the order they were received and realize that work has to be prioritized, as well. Menos

JW Plastic Surgery


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B&S Europe

How will you apply your previous experience in working with us

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I understand the administrative and organization procedures and I possess good interpersonal realationship skill ,proficient in desktop application and internet savvy. I have the ability to multitask and possess problem solving skill. These and many more I wish to deliver if my application is granted. Menos

AIRMAR Technology Corporation

Where do you want to be in 5 years

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Hopefully Employed

Saint Louis University

Describe your biggest weakness.

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This one is a trap since many people don't answer this properly. You have to describe something that would obviously be a weakness to them (like no administrative experience, minimal employment history, etc) and discuss it, but be sure to put their mind at ease about it. If you were let go from a job and they know about it, bring it up. Now is your chance to explain to them how you have grown from it and/or it will not affect your position here. Turn this "negativity" into something positive so there is little to nothing for them to worry about in regards to hiring you. Menos

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