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Government of Canada
A un Administrative and Clerical Officer le preguntaron...16 de noviembre de 2022

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Civil Service United Kingdom

How do you help others dealing with difficulties

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Explained the most effective mechanisms to help others

Australian Retirement Trust

Run me through your resume? How do you cope under pressure?

Ministry of Justice UK

Example fitting into a new team

Miami Dade County

How do you ensure deadlines are met?

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I use Outlook calendar, prioritize tasks.

Iconic Estate

What are your strengths? What did you do in your previous working experience?


Why would I choose EY?

Willow Tree Psychology and Wellbeing

Given a scenario where a client is upset or in grief, how would I handle it

Companies House

Prefer working in a Big or small team


Describe a time where you've worked as part of a team. Give an example of where you've helped someone overcome a challenge. I am Risk. Describe a time where you couldn't meet a deadline and how you handled that.

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