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Metal Toad
A un Administrative Assistant le preguntaron...29 de septiembre de 2022

Quantos anos de atuação na area administrativa?

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Atuo há 12 anos no setor administrativo entre atividades relacionadas a RH, setor tributário e financeiro e gestão empresarial. Menos

The Wound Pros

What do you know about Wound Pros? What do you have that others don't have? What experiences do you have that can be applied in the position you are applying for? Why Wound Pros?

Canon Canada

Why they have to hire you


What areas are you trying to grow in and how will working at Kumon help you in that?

Capital One

All performance based questions. Experience communicating with execs Experience managing calendars

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Why do you want to work in a museum?


Tell me about you and your job

Hayt, Hayt & Landau

Tell me about yourself? Talk about your past experience? Why are you leaving your previous employer

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