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Hackettstown Imaging Services
A un Administrative Assistant/Office Manager le preguntaron...28 de febrero de 2020

Q: What experience do you have

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Reiterated my resume

Fathom Realty

Would you be willing to work on weekends occasionally?

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Weekends "occasionally" would not bother me. I can be flexible with my schedule.

Bulletin Intelligence

My 2nd interview, the guy who I met with wanted to speak directly with previous CEO's and President's who I had worked for. Could I please give him names and direct phone numbers for these individuals?

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I mentioned that HR was a better contact for job references, but he was insistent that he speak to CEO's about my performance. One job in particular I had worked at over 5 years ago and knew for a fact my boss no longer worked for the company - but this did not seem to sink in to my interviewer. He was like, no, I want to talk to the CEO. Really?! The guy made it seem like other candidates had lied or made up people they had worked for, so it was as if he was fishing for extra information and past supervisors who could give him real dirt on people trying to apply for this job. I have to think that past employers are only allowed to give dates and job titles as information about employees who have worked for them. I doubt this guy could just call up my boss from 5 years ago, who doesn't even work for the company, and demand he tell him every little thing about my time with that company. Menos

Long Island Pulse

It had to do with technical jargon related to financial acumen.

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Being quite unfamiliar with the business language the editor/publisher was using, I replied that I was under the impression that this was an interview for an Office Manager and Administrative Assistant position (with which I have a lot of experience). She replied that that was correct, but within a business development aspect. She then stood up and thanked me for my time. This job was described quite generically in the craigslist ad. My cover letter and resume, with no mention of business finance experience, was obviously vetted before I received the e-mail to come in for an interview. Why I was considered an appropriate candidate to interview for this position is quite perplexing. Menos

Balsam Brands

Are you willing to travel to an off - site resident, which is part of your duties?

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Since I have property management, I do not see what is the problem and traveling and to make sure that the property is in the perfect condition for any executive or staff member who will be utilizing the unit. Menos

Farnsworth Group Inc

Questions about general admin work, they were at the time particularly interested in if I had experience booking travel, which I did not frequently need to do

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I had experience booking travel

Total Placement Staffing Solutions

Why are you interested in this position?

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I replied that the idea of helping run an office from an administrative standpoint is exactly what I love doing. Most of the rest of the interview was very standard, i.e. What makes you a good fit for this position?, When are you available to start working?, Why should we hire you?. At the end of the interview, I asked what the next step was. The generic reply was "someone will be in touch." A very disappointing experience indeed. Menos

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