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Bank of America
A un Administrative Assistant II le preguntaron...5 de diciembre de 2015

How do you keep organized?

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Sticky notes

Outlook, johari window

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

What is your weaknesses

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Access Data base configuration

Q. If you want to work for me, you have to tell me about one of your weaknesses. You have to admit to a weakness. If you can’t tell me about a weakness, I won’t hire you A. You could dramatically simplify your recruiting process by putting this instruction in your job ads, so people with normal self-esteem will know to avoid you. Menos

Morehouse School of Medicine

Most questions asked were average questions

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Morehouse being a predominantly black school, would I fit in the workforce since I am caucasian? Menos


how would your previous employer describe you?

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I just find these type of questions awkward

My previous employer would describe me as honest, multitasking capable and dependable. They would also uncle dedicate and always ready to learn and be taught new skills. Menos

Northwestern Medicine

You're about to complete a master's program. Do you see a future here, or will you be looking for other opportunities?

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I decided to do my master's program because of the leadership development it would provide me, and I see a lot of leadership and growth opportunities here at NM. Menos

Maryland Department of Human Resources

Asked question about my excel & QB skill set, shift availability, why I'm leaving current employer, would I do something unethical if asked by my superiors. Tell of a time you made a mistake? How do you handle conflict with co-workers.

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I explained that I was leaving my current employer because we had different career goals. I explained that I would explain the unethical behavior to the person requesting it and I would hold them accountable. I was asked this question 3 time with varying degrees of seniority, finally I explained that I don't bend. I explained my mistake, but more importantly, I explained what I learned from it. I also explained how I handle conflict with co-workers and superior and I explained what I learned from various conflicts. Menos

NSU (Nova Southeastern University)

Do you have any computer skills?

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Whats a computer?

Millersville University

Don’t recall it was a year ago

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See above for question I don’t remember any longer but Glassdoor won’t let me view anything unless I submit something and I’m not able to provide helpful data for this or anything else right now. Menos

Simmons University

How do you see yourself fitting in with the team?

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Typical answer about being open with communication and taking/giving feedback.

Carter BloodCare

How do you make difficult decisions?

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I take some time to review all the options. I also talk it over with someone I respect to get other viewpoints. And I sleep on it to see if I have better clarity after a day or two. Menos

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