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A un Administrative Assistant I le preguntaron...3 de agosto de 2012

What is your weakness. How would you handle confrontation?

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Honestly I can't remember. I don't want to give anything away just invade they look at this. Menos

Always trying to fix things, situations and to please. If confrontation finds me I match it with facts. Menos

My empathy, I try and deescalate a situation with a calm attitude and pleasant tone of voice. Menos

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

After describing the position and going over benefits and compensation: Can you please describe the position just described?

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Make sure you pay attention to what they tell you as it is explained differently than what the job description states. Menos

Have you heard anything from CPS? If so how long was it before you received a response? Menos

Cabarrus Health Alliance

What would you say is your biggest weakness?

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Not delegating my workload.


Kissimmee Utility Authority

Average questions

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Average answers

St. Luke's Medical Center

Situational Question: If you were in the front as our new Admin Asst, there is a foreigner patient asking you direction but he is not able to speak in English. How could you accommodate him?

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As on the front, I will greet him and courteously accommodate him by using pictures or action on our international patient lounge which he can interpret the language of the patient. Menos

Anderson Homes

Why are you looking to leave your current position?

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I don’t have room to grow and develop. There is no where to move upwards in job or pay and I’m trying to get away from no -profit jobs and find a full time spot Menos

San Diego County Office of Education

How do you handle difficult customer?

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I asked them back.


If I was will to move up in the company

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Yes absolutely.

Anderson Homes

Why do you want to work for Anderson Homes

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I believe that the mission and goals of the company align with my life and career goals - then expand Menos

Anderson Homes

Explain a little more about what you know about Anderson homes

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I know more about the Manteca location and how you are working there as well

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