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Metropolitan School of Business & Management
A un HR&Admin Manager le preguntaron...13 de mayo de 2021

Educational Background. work experience. Soft skills. Why I left my previous job. Last salary. Expected salary.

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I was honest

Scentre Group

Flexibility and goals for oneself

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Used the star approach, duty manager shifts required so best to consider how that fits in your schedule Menos

Tech Mahindra

Questions were not difficult.

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Straight forward answers. No case studies..


asked about current experience, current salary, expected salary etc

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Answered all questions as per facts .

Procare RX

What is your project experience?

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75% project orientated, 25% technical.

If you got any complaint about your superior how do you handle that issue?

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First I will go to him/her then I will discuss separately.


• What do you think the main skills are required for this role?

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Difficult questions as it is really asking for your experiences and your insight into the role and company Menos

Parkdean Resorts

How did you hear about the rolw

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Through indeed


What was my experience in the role?

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Described previous jobs

TransGlobe Energy

Nothing special, regular interview questions

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