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A un Junior Ad Trafficker le preguntaron...27 de febrero de 2020

As I was fresher it wasn't very technical interview but basic technical questions about Digital marketing.

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Communication was the key being a fresher they look out more communication that being very sound technically. Menos


The "Madadian Race Horses" brain teaser: you have 25 race horses and want to figure out which are the three fastest, but can only race them in groups of 5. How many races does it take? (look it up online)

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What do you feel most proud of from your previous (current) job?

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Shared my personal acheivements

Daily Mail and General Trust

Would I be OK accepting a lower salary than I desired, what if they gave me 3 weeks of vacation (they went on to list additional benefits)? (Note: this is NOT coming from HR)

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Sure! (I didn't really want to exclude the possibility because it was close enough that I would at least consider it a possibility, and I didn't think that saying yet to that sort of uncomfortable almost inappropriate question was binding in any means). Menos


Basic analaytical knowledge

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Basic Ad Ops queries to the area in which I've worked previously.

I was asked about previous experiences in a related field.

The Onion

Questions were general and skill specific


Name a time when you made a mistake

Tremor Video

Asked about my Excel skillset.

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