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Daily Mail and General Trust
A un Ad Trafficker le preguntaron...10 de noviembre de 2016

Would I be OK accepting a lower salary than I desired, what if they gave me 3 weeks of vacation (they went on to list additional benefits)? (Note: this is NOT coming from HR)

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Sure! (I didn't really want to exclude the possibility because it was close enough that I would at least consider it a possibility, and I didn't think that saying yet to that sort of uncomfortable almost inappropriate question was binding in any means). Menos


Basic analaytical knowledge

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How did you handle a campaign that went wrong? What was your solution?


Overall questions about my experience and skills plus my ambitions to grow and evolve


If they were to call your previous supervisors, what would they say are your best qualities?

PMG Digital Company

Q: What is your weakness?


They asked questions about myself, my previous jobs, they also made me do logic excersices and we spoke both spanish and english so they could check my language skills

Times Internet

What is programmatic Advertising


No extreme questions were asked, they were pretty good at trying to figure out what I actually know based on my experience.


How do you stay organized and handle stress? What would your manager/supervisor say about you and your work?

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